Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

Like in many other countries, every registered company in Hong Kong is required by law to have a secretary. As an experienced provider of professional corporate services in Hong Kong, to both local and foreign companies. CORE is here to help keep your business compliant with Hong Kong’s legal and regulatory requirements.

Our range of services includes a comprehensive range of secretarial services that will see local and overseas companies through formation and incorporation in Hong Kong to the standards of registered office facilities. We service organizations of all sizes, from start-ups, small and mid-size enterprises to regional or multi-national entities. Our team of qualified professionals are always updated on sector-specific needs. Familiar with the ins and outs of the compliance framework in Hong Kong, our qualified and well-trained professionals will responsibly take care of handling all your company secretarial needs. 

Committed to reducing worries and doubts related to relevant local corporate laws, our secretarial services will help you run your business with ease.

Here at CORE, we are dedicated to helping keep your company compliant so you can keep your global ambitions in sight without any distractions. More importantly, our secretarial services will ensure that your company’s resources and performance are fully maximized by handling administrative processes and maintaining a smooth workflow within your organization in Hong Kong. We do this to ensure that you can focus on what really matters.

As a company secretarial service provider based in Hong Kong, our team of professionals will readily provide you with competent and experienced professionals to assist you and your company. 

Below are the key roles and responsibilities of the services a company secretary has to provide for a company in Hong Kong. 

What do secretarial services in Hong Kong include? 

  1. Organize and maintain corporate and statutory documents
  2. File annual return
  3. Make sure the company is complying to government regulations
  4. Be present during board meetings to prepare board minutes
  5. Scheduling and arranging annual general meetings that are required by law

Need more information? 

We aim to help our clients with our range of HK company formation services and more for all types of business structures, no matter where you are in the world. 

If you are interested in our secretarial services for your business in Hong Kong, we are more than happy to offer a consultation to develop a tailor-made solution for your company’s needs. Get in touch with us via email ( or by phone (+852 2157 8788) to schedule a FREE consultation.