China Bank Account Opening

Unlock Convenient China Bank Account Opening Services in Hong Kong

China Bank Account Opening (Non Resident Account “NRA” Offshore account)

Our CORE can help to open a NRA (“Non Resident Account”) in China banks. NRA means an account opened by an institution which was legally incorporated and registered overseas (including Hong Kong or Macao) and which has good existing records and is in normal operation. It is likely an offshore bank account. Recently, we are working with few licensed Commercial Banks.

The following are the key factors of China NRA bank account:

  1. Bank can offer a multi-currencies account with RMB, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, AUD, SGD, AED, RUB and KRW;
  2. An account can be opened in around 2 – 4 weeks;
  3. Clients from all countries are allowed, with the exception of sanctioned countries;
  4. No limitation on the maximum amount that is maintained in the account;
  1. Director and Bank Signatory must visit to the China bank in person for verification. Alternatively, it can appoint a representative to China with the bank signatory original passport;
  2. Director and Bank Signatory is require to provide Red Color Signature Stamp (Chop) and China Mobile Phone number for account opening;
  3. Company Stamp (Chop) is required;
  4. The account can make payment to China factory account in RMB;
  5. If it is require RMB account, it is require to apply特殊机构代码赋码(Pre-assigned Codes of Special Institutions ) from State Administration of Foreign Exchange in China.

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