Business Registration in Hong Kong

While company registration and business registration are often used interchangeably, they both serve different purposes in Hong Kong. Moreover, they are regulated by different laws and registration systems by different government departments. We understand how the market in Hong Kong can provide great opportunities for businesses from any industry.

We regularly register companies in Hong Kong and provide all necessary business incorporation services from start to finish. Enjoy a seamless business registration process in HK with our suite of services today. 

How do I know if my business needs to be registered in Hong Kong?

If you are an organization or enterprise engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities, you need to register your business in Hong Kong. The same goes for if you are involved in any type of trade, commerce, craftsmanship or profession that works to produce and sell goods and services for profit. Local or overseas companies with an established place of business in Hong Kong, regardless of whether they are conducting any business in HK, need a business registry.

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