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Hong Kong is one of a few jurisdictions in the world free from any foreign exchange control. There are no regulatory factors and restrictions for the amount of funds brought in, transferred from, or taken out of the territory. However, according to the guidelines of The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, all banking institutions in Hong Kong should meet in-person with their clients at least once before a bank account could be opened. As such, customers cannot simply appoint an attorney or a proxy representing their company to open a bank account, without making a visit to Hong Kong. In most cases, we are able to help our clients open a bank account in just 1 to 5 working days with most of the banks in Hong Kong.

Before we begin the process of opening a bank account for our clients, we provide guidance to them on how to choose a bank most suitable for their needs. We will also help in the preparation and organisation of all the required documents, before arranging for a meeting with the respective bank managers. Our professional and experienced staffs provide our clients with top-notch services and will assist them along each step of the bank account opening process, so as to expedite the processing time as much as possible.

Our director will provide a pre-meeting with the client, before he or she attends the bank meeting, and will personally accompany the customer to the bank meeting to ensure that the meeting will go smoothly. After the bank meeting, our professional team will follow-up on the process with the bank, to facilitate the opening of the bank account in an efficient manner.

In recent years, bank account opening requirements are changing much more frequently than before. We strongly recommend each client to be more meticulous, and to properly consult with their service provider or company secretary before attempting to open a bank account. Otherwise, they would waste the time, effort and cost to set up a corporation.

Please refer to the following list of our banking partners:

OCBC Wing Hang Bank
Hang Seng Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Bank of China
DBS Bank
Public Bank
Dah Sing Bank
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (“ICBC”)
China Construction Bank (“CCB”)
Bank of Communication
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We offer the following sourcing and consulting services to ensure that our clients find the right bank suitable for their business:

Multi-Currencies Account

Because Hong Kong has incredibly lax and attractive regulations involving currency trading, many banks would claim to offer the best rates and services on the market. At CORE, we can help you filter out the noise and find the banking solution that will best fit the needs of your company.

Internet Banking / Mobile Banking

Internet / Mobile Banking is growing rapidly, and security is a key factor in ensuring that your internet access is constantly secure. CORE can advise you on the newest developments in the market, and provide you with information updates, for you to review the easiest and most secure banking solutions.

International Debit & Credit Cards

Many banks offer currency exchange services and multiple currencies as a feature extended on their credit and debit card products. However, do not make the mistake of signing up for these options without a thorough understanding of their fine print, our expert explanations will ensure that our clients understand the pros and cons before engaging these services.

Letter Of Credit/Trade Support

It is a necessity to provide a letter of credit as documentary validation when opening a bank account in Hong Kong. We can provide you with a letter of credit and also act as your reference, so that opening an account will be an easy and stress-free process.

Funding & Investments

We have many years of experience in obtaining funding for our clients, as well as finding investment professionals that can work with you to grow your assets. Contact us today to learn more about these exclusive services.

We have established a close relationship with many reliable and user-friendly banks both locally and internationally. Different banks have different strengths, they perform best in specific niches, and are suitable for clients in their respective fields. We will assist our clients to choose from the array of options on the market, so they can open bank accounts with a bank most suitable for their particular needs. Our close connection with a variety of banks ensures that you will get the best rates and services available – an invaluable asset for any new business.

Contact us today to learn more about opening a bank account in Hong Kong.