British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) Company

A British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) Company

The British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) is a leading international finance centre with a strong domestic economy, which is driven by high-end real estate developments and international private sector investments.

As a British overseas territory, the BVI is renowned for its tax neutrality, political stability, and economically secure jurisdiction. This reputation, along with a sound legal system based on English common law, stringent policies and modern legislations have affirmed BVI companies as being recognised and accepted as a reputable investment vehicle worldwide. The BVI is well-known as the growing jurisdiction for offshore domiciled funds, holding companies, joint venture entities, hedge funds, captive insurance registrations and trusts for use in commercial transactions. CORE is your ultimate partner in growing your wealth through the formation of a BVI shelf company. We excel in taking care of the comprehensive array of matters related to the formation of a new company in the British Virgin Islands, thereby making the often complicated process of setting up a shell corporation a hassle-free experience. Our unparalleled services have helped hundreds of clients from around the world to start their company in the British Virgin Islands without facing any tax or regulatory issues. As a foreign investor, you will receive the great privileges of investing in the BVI that far surpass the benefits from any other country.

Here are some of the distinct advantages of forming a BVI company:

  1. Annual audits are not required
  2. Registered capital is not needed
  3. Company names can be in Chinese
  4. No requirements for appointing a local director
  5. No need to file annual and tax returns
  6. Privacy protection is 100% guaranteed
  7. You can open a bank account wherever you wish
  8. Information on the beneficiary owner can be concealed
  9. You may simultaneously act as the director and represent all of the shareholders

What CORE Can Help You With

We have the expertise and a wealth of experience in every aspect of company formation and incorporation in the BVI. For instance, we are capable of getting you a brand-new company registered in as quickly as one to three days. Or, you may acquire a pre-existing company in just 24 hours. In addition, we can help you open a bank account with the top banking institutions offering outstanding privileges. The advantages of hiring our incomparable services will be apparent, from the first day that you step in as a director.

Our range of valuable services include the following:

  1. Incorporation of a company
  2. Maintenance of statuary records
  3. Registration of an overseas office
  4. Payments of government fees and charges
  5. Standard compliance with BVI laws and regulations
  6. Share certificates management and other related matters
  7. Assistance on administrative procedures in government offices
  8. Handling miscellaneous services such as mails, courier, etc.
  9. Assistance to obtain Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate of Incumbency

Let only the true experts in the field provide you with the necessary assistance you need in pursuing your business endeavours. Contact us today should you have any inquiries, and we look forward to helping you get started as soon as possible.