International Debit MasterCard

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Our Company is a licensed reseller of the ePayLink Card. This card is a Worldwide Debit MasterCard which can be used immediately upon activation. The following are the key benefits of using this card:

  1. The card can choose between HKD, USD or RMB as its settlement currency. It can be used everywhere in the world when paying for goods and services priced in different currencies. For example, you can use the USD Card in Europe and MasterCard will convert all your EUR spendings and deduct USD from your card
  2. The card allows cash withdrawal in all ATM machines with the MasterCard logo around the world
  3. Global Cash offers a mobile app or website for users to review their transactions and check their balance
  4. The maximum amount that the card can hold is HK$200,000 (approx. US$26,000), and there are no monthly or yearly limits
  5. You can opt to show or conceal your name as the cardholder. When you opt for the “No name” option, your card will be available immediately. If you opt for the “With name” option, we must go through a tailor-made process, and the card will only be completed within 1 to 2 months
  6. CORE charges an annual fee for each card
  7. All reloads or top-up for the card can be sent to ePayLink’s account in Bank of China (Hong Kong) directly
  8. A remittance receipt from the bank must be provided with each reload, to notify our staff to complete the transaction. Our company will charge a fee of HK$100 for each reload
Application Requirements:
  1. Must be an existing client of our Hong Kong company maintenance, offshore company or virtual office services
  2. Complete and sign the mandatory application form
  3. Please provide a copy of your passport
  4. Please provide a photo of yourself while holding onto your passport