It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positive reviews.

We have spent 28 years working for one of Hong Kong’s most recognised and successful retailers so we have many good review of works.

I was grateful for the assistance of HK Core in setting up my business in Hong Kong. The best type of support is the one that's always there when you need it but is not in your face all the time. I believe that they did this impeccably in my years of working with them.
Bing Tan
Thousand Minds Social Media, Inc.
We started to get to know Mr Raymond Chan in Oct, 2006. At that time we were looking for a Service company who can help us with setting up a new company in Hong Kong.

Raymond was working as General Manager for Corporate Management Services Limited (“CMS”) at that time. We met him in his office; he was very energetic and efficient. He gave us great help for registering our company. Since then he and his team have given us lots of care and good treatment, very satisfied service. He himself is warm, expertise, and also gives lots of personal help, which touched us with his personality. We have had good friendship. That’s why we have been followed him even when he left CMS and moved our company “Hill Consultants Limited” immediately to his new company “CORE” as soon as we got to know that he set up “CORE”, without any hesitation!! We have to say we are very lucky to have him as our consultancy.

We fully recommend that anyone who would like to set up his company in HK go to seek Mr Raymond Chan for the professional service. It is worthwhile to have him as your friend in your career.
Anton Naschberger
Hill Consultants Limited
我们是2006年的十月开始认识Raymond Chan先生,那时我们到处找能够帮我们在香港注册公司的顾问公司。

当时的CMS 总经理Raymond在他的办公室接待了我们,他看上去非常精神,高效, 在其后的公司注册方面他给予了很大的帮助。 自那以后,Raymond先生及他所率领的团队一直帮我们打理我们香港公司的一切,给了我们相当大的关照,提供了非常满意的服务。他本人很热情,精通业务,还给予我们很多的个人的帮助,他的为人让我们感动,我们结下了深厚的友谊。这就是为什么我们一得知他离开CMS并创办自己公司CORE时我们毫不犹豫地将我们的公司转入CORE。我们一直这样说,有Raymond作我们的顾问,我们很幸运。

在此,我们要说的是,如果您是想来香港注册公司发展业务的话,请一定联系Raymond先生, 寻求他的专业的服务,有他作为你业务的朋友是值得的!! 如有需要联系我们,请拨打:
Caroll Zhang
Hill Consultants Limited
Throughout the years, Mr. Raymond Chan has consistently offered to us nothing but outstanding service. In fact, we didn't find a comparable service not only in the same profession, but in any other business altogether. The service and support of HK Core are incomparable and we look forward to a continued relationship with HK Core and Mr. Raymond Chan.
Luca Ferrara
Managing Director at PV Insight Limited
Raymond Chan has earned my utmost trust and confidence. His professionalism shows in all of his work. As such I enthusiastically recommend Ray and HK Core.
Nick Decker
Director at My Decker Capital
Not only HK CORE delivers services beyond expectations but also the speed, professionalism and personal touch that it combines with its services is something that I appreciate very highly. I would recommend this company 101% to anyone and everyone.
Jog Chatterjee
Director at Japanama International Limited
"Our company has worked for a few Years with Raymond and his team and we are very pleased with their services. We trust them fully and they do an excellent job in handling our papers. They always answer calls and email, and we can highly recommend them.
Daniel Oikari
CEO at The Oikaris Limited
It is our pleasure to extend our highest possible recommendation to Raymond Chan, and his firm CORE (Company Registration and Business Services Limited). For the past several years, his service to us and our company has been beyond exceptional. It is very rare to find a company that truly focuses on excellent corporate support that always goes “above and beyond” to provide the best service possible.
We have known Raymond Chan for many years. He is an expert in his field and a man of great integrity, with focus on building strong relationships. He and his team are sincerely dedicated to their clients and are highly reliable, efficient and superb to work with. We confidently recommend Raymond Chan and at his reliable team at CORE as a solid resource partner.
Lani Dizon
Managing Director at Healthsource International Limited
Recently we set up a new company structure in Hong Kong. Being in Australia we simply Googled 'New Company Structure - Hong Kong' as expected we had a multitude of results all offering a variety of services and costings. I contacted five different companies and experienced the following results: One didn't respond to my enquiry; One called me however their english was limited and we had difficulty communicating; Three responded by email with essentially the information that was contained on their website; And one actually called me from Hong Kong and it was Raymond Chan from Core. Not only did Raymond call me he impressed me with his knowledge, obvious experience, helpfulness and his very personal way of dealing with my enquiry. As I recall there were some sites offering services a little cheaper than Core however, we were so impressed with Raymond we were not concerned about the cost. We have now set up two companies through Core including bank accounts and other services and I can say without hesitation that if you are looking for experience, knowledge, efficiency and integrity then you can't go past Raymond Chan of Core.
Ross Lambert
Managing Director at Digital Solutions Group
Our Company, HK Carbon Hui Lin Ltd in year 2020 has began to entrust “CORE” as the accounting/auditing/annual return secretary servicing of our company. In the past two years, we have often communicated and liaised closely with Mr Raymond Chan, the main person in-charge of the company, and also including any matters with related to the relevant person in-charge of their relevant departments. Our company is very satisfied with their professional, high efficiency and high quality work performance, friendly and enthusiastic service attitude. We are also grateful and appreciated to Raymond Chan and all the members of their company, due to the epidemic since beginning 2020, we are unable travel to Hong Kong personally, therefore we often have to seek assistance from Raymond Chan, they never refuse it, and always expressed their understanding and great willingness to give us additional assistance, it is a very valuable and extreme great company!
Gong JiLiang
Managing Director at HK Carbon Hui Lin Limited
I have worked with Raymond and the team at hkcore for over 5 years and during this time he and his team have registered and managed several HK companies for my business. Raymond and his team are very professional and are very helpful in the operation of the HK companies, helping us with everything from Accounting and Auditing, Bank Account services and Corporate Secretarial work. I would recommend Raymond and the HK core team for your Company needs
HKCore - CORE - Transparent Logo - 2020
Stephen Petith
We have been working with Raymond and HKCore over 10 years and always received excellent service. HKCore is our main partner for providing line of admin, finance and consulting services related to our Asian operations. Our long co-operation is based on proven results and trust HKCore has shown during the years.
Martti Lehtonen
Managing Director at Nomis Oy